ADS6445 Analog-to-Digital Converter

By Texas Instruments 387

ADS6445 Analog-to-Digital Converter

Texas Instruments' ADS6445 is a high-performance 14-bit 125 MSPS quad-channel analog-to-digital converter. Serial LVDS data outputs reduce the number of interface lines, resulting in a compact 64-pin QFN package (9 mm x 9 mm) that allows for high system integration density. The device includes a 3.5 dB coarse gain option that can be used to improve SFDR performance with little degradation in SNR. In addition to the coarse gain, fine gain options also exist, programmable in 1 dB steps up to 6 dB.

The output interface is two wire, where each ADC data is serialized and output over two LVDS pairs. This makes it possible to halve the serial data rate (compared to a one wire interface) and restrict it to less than 1 Gbps, easing receiver design.

  • -55°C to +125°C operating junction temperature range
  • Enhanced diminishing manufacturing sources (DMS) support
  • Enhanced product-change notification
  • Qualification pedigree
  • Sample rate: 125 MSPS
  • 14-bit resolution with no missing codes
  • Simultaneous sample and hold
  • 3.5 dB coarse gain and up to 6 db programmable fine gain for SFDR/SNR trade-off
  • 3.3 V analog and digital supply
  • Base-station IF receivers
  • Diversity receivers
  • Medical imaging
  • Test equipment