HY Series Hall Effect Transducer

By LEM USA, Inc. 194

HY Series Hall Effect Transducer

LEM USA's HY series is a Hall-effect transducer designed for PCB mounting. The package is consistent for a range of currents from 5 A through 50 A. It is a bipolar device with galvanic isolation between the primary and secondary circuits. It has a voltage output and each current range device has a measuring range of three times the nominal current.

  • Hall effect measuring principle
  • Galvanic isolation between primary and secondary circuit
  • Isolation voltage 2500 V~
  • Compact design for PCB mounting
  • Low power consumption
  • Extended measuring range (3 x IPN)
  • Switched mode power supplies (SMPS)
  • General purpose inverters
  • AC variable speed drives
  • Uninterruptible power supplies (UPS)
  • Battery-supplied applications