Lithium Rechargeable Coin Batteries

By Panasonic - BSG 242

Lithium Rechargeable Coin Batteries

Panasonic's vanadium lithium rechargeable batteries are compact, high energy secondary batteries that have nearly twice the energy of conventional button-shaped Ni-Cd batteries.

These super compact manganese lithium secondary batteries feature a new configuration in which a manganese compound oxide is used for the positive electrode, and a lithium / aluminum alloy for the negative electrode.

VL Features
  • One high-voltage battery can serve your back-up needs
  • Months of continuous use as a back-up
  • Superior reliability; withstands overcharging and overdischarging
ML Features
  • Charge at voltage levels under 3 V
  • Large capacity for hour-after-hour back-up
  • Excellent withstand voltage, overcharge and overdischarge withstanding characteristics