Non-Magnetic RF Connectors

By Amphenol RF Division 472

Non-Magnetic RF Connectors

RF transceivers are at the forefront of the trend to supplement wireless communications for medical implantable devices. These devices not only include cardiac products such as pacemakers, but also extend to glucose insulin monitors for diabetes management and vascular blood pressure monitors.

Amphenol RF now manufactures coaxial connectors for use in non-magnetic environments, such as near MRI machines, satellites, and communication systems. Non-magnetic coaxial connectors are used for carrying 50 Ω RF signals within the magnetic field of MRI equipment where a high signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) is required. These connectors are manufactured under strict quality procedures throughout the entire production process to ensure that each connector will not produce image artifacts during MRI scans. All products are 100 percent tested for magnetism prior to shipping and are available in the following interfaces: SMB, MCX and MMCX.

  • Developed for use in MRI and non-magnetic environments
    • Designed to carry 50 Ω RF signals within the magnetic imaging field of MRI equipment where a high signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) is required
  • Manufactured under strict quality procedures to ensure absolute permeability
    • 100 percent tested for magnetic permeability
      • Incoming raw material
      • Outgoing machined components
      • Incoming plated components
  • Telehealth
  • Patient imaging:
    • MRI
    • CAT
    • PET
  • Wireless patient monitoring
  • Implantable medical devices
  • Hospital equipment RFID