SN65HVD255 CAN Transceiver

By Texas Instruments 143

SN65HVD255 CAN Transceiver

Texas Instruments' CAN transceiver meets the ISO1189-2 high speed CAN (Controller Area Network) Physical Layer standard. It is designed for data rates in excess of 1 megabit per second (Mbps) in short networks and enhanced timing margin and higher data rates in long and highly loaded networks. The device includes many protection features providing device and CAN network robustness.

  • Meets the requirements of ISO11898-2
  • "Turbo CAN":
    • Short propagation delay times and fast loop times
    • Higher data rates in network
    • Enhances system timing margins
  • I/O voltage range supports 3.3 V and 5 V MCUs
  • Ideal Passive Behavior When Unpowered
  • 1 Mbps operation in highly loaded CAN networks down to 10 kbps networks with TXD DTO
  • Industrial automation, control, sensors, and drive systems
  • Building and climate control automation
  • Security systems
  • Telecom base station status and control
  • CAN bus standards such as CANopen, CAN Kingdom, DeviceNet, NMEA2000