SPI Real-Time Clock / Calendars

By Microchip Technology 200

SPI Real-Time Clock / Calendars

Microchip announces the expansion of its stand-alone real-time clock / calendar (RTCC) portfolio with the 10-pin, SPI MCP795XX family. These devices offer many of the same features as the larger 14-pin MCP795WXX family, including superior timekeeping performance.

Reducing overall component count in the system and eliminating the user programming costs for a serial ID makes the MCP795XX RTCC family an ideal choice for the handheld, wireless and consumer markets. By including 64 bytes of SRAM, 2 Kbits of EEPROM and a 128-bit Unique ID, which can be ordered blank or preprogrammed with a MAC address, extra memory devices may not be needed. Utility power meters, manufacturing equipment, radios, GPS and hospital instrumentation applications that need accurate time over a broad temperature range will also benefit from the very wide digital trimming range, which can compensate up to 22 seconds per day for crystal frequency drift.

  • Low power operation
  • Low backup power
  • Automatic battery switchover with timestamp
  • Dual configurable alarms with a 0.01 sec count on one alarm
  • Clock out frequencies: 32.768 KHz, 8.192 KHz, and 4.096 KHz, and 1 Hz
  • Digital trimming range from -255 to +255 ppm in 1 ppm steps
  • EEPROM has 8 bytes / page with block sector write protection
  • Factory standard MAC address programming or custom ID available