iPass Connector and Cable Assembly Solutions

By Molex Connector Corporation 204

iPass Connector and Cable Assembly Solutions

Molex's iPass Interconnect System offers both connectors and cable assemblies that enable flexible speed compatibility for applications ranging from 1.5 G up through 10 G, and is an ideal interconnect solution for the growing server storage market.

The 84-circuit iPass+ connector is a derivative of the x16 iPass PCIe External Cable Standard Input/Output (I/O) connector. This 84-circuit connector enables protocols such as InfiniBand to port up to 12 channels of 2.5, 5.0 or 10 Gbps, enabling 120 Gbps of data from box-to-box. Fibre Channel can port up to 12 channels of 8.5 or 10 Gbps of data and Ethernet can port 10 Channels of 10 Gbps, enabling data rates to 100 Gbps. iPass products are frequently renamed within the standard where it has been incorporated, i.e. "Mini SAS".

The iPass products support the following industry standards for high-speed, multi-lane internal and external systems:

  • SAS (Serial Attached SCSI), also termed Mini-SAS
  • SATA (Serial ATA), also termed Mini-SATA
  • SFF (Small Form Factor), for Compact MultiLane/CML
  • External PCI Express (PCIe), also termed PCIe x4, x8, x16
  • InfiniBand
  • Networking
    • 1U rack boxes
    • Blade servers
    • I/Os
    • Rack-mount servers
    • Router/Switches
    • Storage racks
  • Telecommunications
    • ATCA/Micro TCA
    • Patch panels
    • Routers
    • Servers
  • Data/Communications
    • Desktop computer and motherboard
    • High-speed network interface