Circular Connectors

By TE Connectivity AMP Connectors 230

Circular Connectors

TE Connectivity AMP Connectors' circular plastic connectors' circular configuration provides designers with an efficient use of real estate. Mounting options include panel mount, free-hanging and wire-to-board, and receptacle and plug housings accept Type III+ or Size 20 signal contacts, Type XII power contacts, or AMP POWERBAND (size 8) contacts.

The housings come in six series designed to handle standard and high-density signal, power with current up to 50 A per contact, and combinations of signal and power in the same housing. Sealing to IP67 is also offered in several configurations. The CPC line includes accessories to complete the cable or panel assembly process such as cable clamps and boots, keying plugs, and sealing caps.

CPC is UL Recognized (File No. E28476) and CSA Certified (File No. LR 7189).

  • Lightweight, all-plastic, and metal-shell connectors
  • UL 94V-0 rated and made of stabilized, heat resistant, self-extinguishing thermoplastic material
  • Quick connect/disconnect capability with thread assist, positive detent coupling
  • Built-in pin and socket protection
  • Polarized for proper mating of connector halves
  • Removable contacts and replaceable coupling ring make field repair easy
  • Industrial machinery, factory automation, and material handling equipment
  • Rail and transit vehicles and systems
  • Medical instrumentation and equipment
  • Communication equipment, networking, data storage, computers and peripherals
  • HVAC, commercial and building equipment
  • Lighting and signage
  • Motor vehicles - auto/bus/truck; off-road and recreational vehicles; agricultural machinery; construction equipment
  • Aerospace and defense equipment and systems
Buy CPC Connectors
Series 1 - Standard Density - Size 16 Contacts Series 6 - Power and Signal Combination (Sealable)
Series 2 - High Density - Size 20 Contacts Miniature (Mini) CPC Connectors
Series 3 - Power Density - Type XII Contacts MIL-C-5015 Style - Size 16 Contacts
Series 4 - Power and Signal Combination Metal-Shell, Circular Plastic Conntectors (CMC)
Series 5 - Power(Sealable) - POWERBAND Contacts Tools