TM25R Series

By Hirose Electric Co Ltd 220

TM25R Series

Hirose TM25R connector is a foldable, open-close RJ-45 modular jack. The foldable opening and mid-mount structure realize low-profile devices. The flip-top is firmly attached to the connector body but comes off before the connector gets damaged by excessive wrenching force. Detached flip-top can be put back together on the connector body without any special tool. Metal blades on the bottom of the connector body provide grounding via the chassis in addition to grounding via PCB.

Features and Benefits
  • Foldable, open-close structure allows super-slim device design
  • Reusable flip-top when it comes off
  • Optional flip-top hold-down chassis design
  • Secure grounding structure
  • RJ-11 plug mis-insertion prevention
  • RoHS-compliant
  • TV
  • Notebook PC
  • Tablet PC
  • PLC
  • Smart meter
  • Portable router / access point