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Eaton-전자 사업부
  • S505H Series 500-600 VAC/400 VDC 5x20 mm Fuses

    S505H Series provides higher voltage ratings and breaking capacities than standard IEC 60127-2 fuses.

    By Eaton-Electronics Division 610

  • CB61F Series, Fast-Acting 125 V Brick Fuses

    Fast-acting CB61F Series of SMD Brick fuses provides high breaking capacity performance in a CQC Approved SMD package.

    By Eaton-Electronics Division 275

  • PolySurg ESD Suppressor

    Protect high speed data circuits from ESD damage without distorting data with the PolySurg 42510ESDA-TR1 4-channel ESD suppressor from Eaton.

    By Eaton-Electronics Division 185

  • PolySurg 0603ESDA2 ESD Suppressor

    The second generation PolySurg 0603ESDA2-TR2 ESD Suppressor from Eaton.

    By Eaton-Electronics Division 145

  • PS04LTVA1 ESD Suppressor

    Protect high speed data circuits from ESD damage without distorting data using Eaton's PS04LTVA1 low trigger voltage ESD suppressor.

    By Eaton-Electronics Division 176

  • TCP70 Series 70 VDC Telecom Cartridge Fuse

    Fuses designed to UL 248 and UL 248-14 and have breaking characteristics similar to a circuit breaker while providing a much more economical solution.

    By Eaton-Electronics Division 148

  • HTC Fuse Holders, Blocks, and Clips

    Eaton has an extensive product offering of Series HTC fuse accessories for 5 mm diameter fuses which include PCB clips, panel mount holders, in-line holders, waterproof holders, and blocks.

    By Eaton-Electronics Division 125

  • C308F Series Fuses for Barrier/Hazardous Applicati

    Eaton's new C308F series of fuses for use in barrier/hazardous applications that meet EN60079-11 for explosive environments in a 3 mm x 8.4 mm ceramic cartridge tube.

    By Eaton-Electronics Division 109

  • C310T-SC Bussmann® Series Time-Delay Axial Fu

    Eaton's C310T-SC Bussmann® series time-delay, axial lead, ceramic tube fuses are designed for primary circuit protection.

    By Eaton-Electronics Division 141

  • High Current Fast Acting SMD Fuses - 1025HC Series

    Eaton’s 1025HC series high-current, fast-acting, SMD fuses are designed for the power requirements of next-gen telecommunications.

    By Eaton-Electronics Division 139

  • S505SCH Series High I²t, Time-Delay Axial Fus

    Eaton’s S505SCH Bussmann series fuses are ceramic tube and time-delay parts with high breaking capacity.

    By Eaton-Electronics Division 134

  • SMD Resettable PTC Devices – PTS series

    The Eaton family of PolyTron PTC devices is ideally suited for protecting applications sensitive to high ambient operating temperatures.

    By Eaton-Electronics Division 125

  • Automotive Grade ESD Suppressor in 0402 Size - 040

    Eaton Electronics' AEC-Q200 qualified automotive grade ESD suppressor provides ultra-low capacitance which is ideal for high-speed data applications.

    By Eaton-Electronics Division 177

  • Fuse Holders, Clips, and Accessories Kit

    Eaton's fuse accessory kit will cover all the options for a cartridge style fuse to be mounted on a printed circuit board.

    By Eaton-Electronics Division 132

  • PowerStor HB Series Supercapacitors

    Provides high capacitance combined with low ESR, making it ideal for battery replacement and other long term hold-up applications.

    By Eaton-Electronics Division 307

  • PowerStor PHB Series Supercapacitors

    Eaton's high capacitance 5.0V PowerStor supercapacitor packs expand the portfolio of power management products.

    By Eaton-Electronics Division 260

  • KR / KW Family Supercapacitors

    Eaton KR/KW family of supercapacitors are unique, ultra-high capacitance devices utilizing electrochemical double layer capacitor construction.

    By Eaton-Electronics Division 337

  • Flat-Pac FPT705 Series

    Learn about the FPT705 Series Inductors' use with the Picor Cool-Power ZVS-Buck regulator family.

    By Eaton-Electronics Division 250

  • XB Series Supercapacitors

    Ultra-low ESR and high capacitance supply pulse power, Eaton's XB Series provides energy storage for life in backup pulse power and hybrid applications.

    By Eaton-Electronics Division 283

  • HV Supercapacitors

    Eaton's ultra-low ESR PowerStor HV supercapacitors offer high power capability in compact package sizes.

    By Eaton-Electronics Division 302