• PCAP Touch Screen Development Kit

    SCHURTER's TouchKit includes a PCAP touchscreen sensor with a controller, a stylus pen, and a USB stick with software to analyze the controller data.

    By SCHURTER Inc. 127

  • Single Pole TA35 Circuit Breakers

    Schurter’s skillfully designed the TA35, a new generation of single pole circuit breaker for equipment.

    By SCHURTER Inc. 231

  • USF Chip Fuses

    Schurter’s range of USF Chip fuses are perfect for secondary circuits and where space is critical.

    By SCHURTER Inc. 200

  • ESO Series Touch-Safe Fuse Covers

    Schurter introduces the ESO series 10.3 mm x 38 mm touch-safe fuse covers, designed to safely and securely insert and extract 10.3 mm x 38 mm fuses.

    By SCHURTER Inc. 226

  • CSO Series Heavy-Duty Clips

    CSO Series unique characteristics meet or exceed the present need for increasing photovoltaic system voltages.

    By SCHURTER Inc. 161

  • ASO Series High-Performance Fuses

    Schurter’s portfolio of products for the solar industry includes the ASO series fuses, designed to protect DC applications from the potentially devastating effects of low-short-circuits and overvo

    By SCHURTER Inc. 133

  • UMK 250 Series of Surface-Mount Fuses

    The UMK 250 is a quick-action fuse according to IEC 60127-4, and complements the existing time-lag series UMZ 250.

    By SCHURTER Inc. 145

  • FMAB NEO Filter Series

    Schurter is expanding its portfolio of block filters for single-phase systems, with its new FMAB NEO series. This single-phase filter is extremely compact, considering its highly effective symmetr

    By SCHURTER Inc. 175

  • UMT-H Series Fuses

    SCHURTER's UMT-H series fuses provide overcurrent and short-circuit protection in industrial control applications, including intrinsically safe applications.

    By SCHURTER Inc. 225

  • AS168X Series Circuit Breakers

    Schurter’s AS168X thermal magnetic, high-performance miniature circuit breaker is approved for both UL 508, manual motor controller and UL 1077 supplementary protector standards.

    By SCHURTER Inc. 140

  • T9-817 Series Circuit Breakers

    SCHURTER's T9 fuse holder style thermal circuit breaker series is now expanded to include a version for vertical PCB mounting.

    By SCHURTER Inc. 160

  • FMAB CEE and FMAD CEE Series Filters

    SCHURTER offers the FMAB CEE and FMAD CEE series filters for 1- and 3-phase industrial and power distribution applications.

    By SCHURTER Inc. 110

  • PTC Circuit Protection

    Schurter's PTC products are made from a conductive plastic formed into thin sheets with electrodes attached to either side.

    By SCHURTER Inc. 161

  • FUS Series of Shock-Safe Fuseholders

    SCHURTER’s FUS series shock-safe, snap-in, panel mount fuseholder is akin to the successful FUL series screw mount high performance fuseholder.

    By SCHURTER Inc. 164

  • Surface Mount Chip Fuses

    Surface mount chip fuses from SCHURTER provide optimal overcurrent protection in dense secondary circuits.

    By SCHURTER Inc. 162

  • RTS Series Circuit Protection

    SCHURTER's RTS series reflowable thermal switch is designed to protect against overheating in applications where power transistors are used.

    By SCHURTER Inc. 187

  • PSUP 24 VDC Switching Power Supply

    SCHURTER accessorizes its illuminated Metal Line switches with the PSUP 24 VDC universal switching power supply.

    By SCHURTER Inc. 156

  • FPBB Series Compact DIN Rail Filter

    SCHURTER's FPBB series compact DIN rail two-stage filter offers a high EMI attenuation in ultra-slim housing.

    By SCHURTER Inc. 173

  • SUT-H Series Ceramic Fuses

    SCHURTER’s SUT-H 6.3 mm x 32 mm ceramic fuse has a high breaking capacity up to 500 A @ 250 VAC, 10 kA @ 125 VAC.

    By SCHURTER Inc. 167

  • DKIH Series Nanocrystalline Chokes

    SCHURTER expands its wide range of current compensated chokes with high current types for PCB mounting.

    By SCHURTER Inc. 171