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VersaLogic Corporation
  • Falcon Embedded Processing Unit (EPU)

    VersaLogic's Falcon EPU designed to meet regulatory and industrial demands for smaller, lighter, and lower power systems.

    By VersaLogic Corporation 642

  • Iguana Single Board Computer (SBC)

    VersaLogic's Iguana is a reliable and long term solution for embedded computer application solution with an excellent cost of ownership.

    By VersaLogic Corporation 260

  • Newt Single Board Computers (SBC)

    VersaLogic's economical single board computer (SBC) featuring extensive I/O capabilities, very low power consumption, and fanless operation.

    By VersaLogic Corporation 194

  • Copperhead Series

    VersaLogic's Copperhead series is a high performance embedded computer with scalability, simple design, and a low overall system cost.

    By VersaLogic Corporation 122

  • VL-EPM-14 Cougar Single Board Computer

    VersaLogic’s VL-EPM-14 Cougar is equipped with dual 10/100 Ethernet, USB 2.0 ports, and RS-232/422/485 COM ports. The Cougar offers very-low power consumption.

    By VersaLogic Corporation 122

  • Bengal Single Board Computer

    VersaLogic's Bengal is a low-power, high-performance single board computer (SBC) with a full complement of on-board I/O.

    By VersaLogic Corporation 123

  • Hawk Embedded Processing Unit

    VersaLogic’s Hawk is an extremely small, rugged, embedded computer. It provides up to 1.9 GHz of performance with quad, dual and single-core processor options.

    By VersaLogic Corporation 126

  • EPM-V7 Launch Package

    VersaLogic's VL-EPM-V7 module provides video and I/O expansion capabilities for PC/104-Plus embedded systems.

    By VersaLogic Corporation 129

  • Anaconda Embedded Processing Unit

    VersaLogic introduces the Anaconda, a low-power, EBX format, single-board computer, featuring extensive I/O capabilities and fanless operation.

    By VersaLogic Corporation 115

  • VL-COMm-33 CPU Module

    VersaLogic’s VL-COMm-33 is an extremely small and rugged computer on module (COM) based on the industry-standard COM Express mini form factor.

    By VersaLogic Corporation 130

  • VL-MPEe-FW1E 1394 FireWire Module

    VersaLogic’s VL-MPEe-FW1 1394 FireWire module supports one FireWire 800 (1394b) and one FireWire 400 (1394a) channel operating at extended temperature.

    By VersaLogic Corporation 102

  • Fox Embedded Single Board Computer

    VersaLogic's Fox is an excellent solution for industrial and medical applications that need a lower-power solution, considerable on-board I/O, and moderate processing power.

    By VersaLogic Corporation 127

  • BayCat Single Board Computer

    VersaLogic introduces their BayCat a low-power, high-performance single board computer (SBC) with a traditional PC/104-Plus expansion interface.

    By VersaLogic Corporation 142

  • Osprey Embedded Processing Unit

    VersaLogic embedded processing unit (EPU) format combines processor, memory, video, and system I/O into an extremely compact full function embedded computer.

    By VersaLogic Corporation 121

  • Raven Embedded Processing Unit (EPU) Powered by In

    VersaLogic's Raven EPU is designed and tested for industrial temperature (-40°C to 85°C) operation and meets MIL-STD-202G specifications for shock and vibration.

    By VersaLogic Corporation 95

  • Lion Single Board Computers

    VersaLogic’s Lion ruggedized single board computers with Intel® Core™ “Kaby Lake” processor for big capabilities in an EBX form factor.

    By VersaLogic Corporation 132

  • Viper Single Board Computer

    VersaLogic’s Viper single board computers with Intel® Core™ “Bay Trail” processor for big capabilities in an EBX form factor.

    By VersaLogic Corporation 158

  • Blackbird Single Board Computers

    VersaLogic's Blackbird single board computers with Intel® Core™ “Skylake” processor have big capabilities in a small package.

    By VersaLogic Corporation 108

  • Liger VL-EPM-43 Single Board Computer (SBC)

    VersaLogic's Liger comes with installed RAM of 4 GB, 8 GB or 16 GB with multiple storage interface options of SATA, Mini PCIe, mSATA, microSD, and SPI.

    By VersaLogic Corporation 125

  • VL-EPU-4460 Condor Family of Single Board Computer

    VersaLogic's VL-EPU-4460 Condor single board computers (SBCs) feature high-performance Skylake processors with dual-core CPUs and hyper-threading logic.

    By VersaLogic Corporation 136