• MicroSmart FC6A Plus Programmable Logic Controller

    IDEC's MicroSmart FC6A Plus can control and monitor the largest machines or entire small-scale manufacturing facilities.

    By IDEC 87

  • HG Series HMI Touchscreens

    IDEC's HG series of operator interface products are the perfect solution for customers' display needs.

    By IDEC 134

  • SE2L Safety Laser Scanner

    IDEC's SE2L Safety Laser Scanner is currently the world’s smallest, and the world’s first with master/slave functionality and dual protection zones.

    By IDEC 109

  • PS5R-V DIN Rail Power Supply

    IDEC's PS5R-V takes the best features of previous generations and enhances them, adding new features and putting them in more compact and efficient housings.

    By IDEC 104

  • RV8 Series Interface Relays

    IDEC's RV8 series interface relays provide a compact solution for general purpose relay requirements and are ideal for a variety applications.

    By IDEC 98

  • RH/RJ/RU/RR Series General Purpose Relays

    IDEC offers a variety of general purpose relays in their RH, RJ, RU, and RR series for use in a variety of applications.

    By IDEC 91

  • E-Stops

    IDEC emergency stop switches utilize "Safe Break Action" technology, providing greater levels of human safety and has transformed the way E-stops are designed.

    By IDEC 110

  • HW/TW Series 22 mm Switches

    IDEC offers its internationally rated 22 mm pushbuttons and pilot devices, the HW series, and traditional NEMA style switch, the TW series.

    By IDEC 110

  • PN1L Series Stainless Steel Pushbutton Piezo Switc

    IDEC’s PN1L series stainless steel pushbutton piezo switches have an easy to clean metal surface and no moving parts making them ideal for commercial kitchens.

    By IDEC 122