• High Power GaN UPTs

    RFMD's high-power GaN UPTs provide quick and easy integration, tuning, and excellent thermal stability for CW and pulsed applications.

    By RFMD 166

  • Driver and Power Amplifiers

    RFMD offers high-performance, single-stage amplifiers which produce low noise and ultra-high linearity over a broad frequency range.

    By RFMD 102

  • Digital Variable Gain Amplifiers

    RFMD's digital-controlled VGAs are available in serial and parallel controlled versions and feature step accuracy, low DC current, and high IP3.

    By RFMD 122

  • High Power GaN Power ICs

    RFMD offers their high-performance, high-efficiency wideband power amplifier commonly used in applications with continuous waves and pulses.

    By RFMD 128