ITT 상호 연결 솔루션


ITT 상호 연결 솔루션
  • DL Series (ZIF) Connectors

    ITT Cannon's DL series of Zero Insertion Force (ZIF) connectors fill the need for low-cost, high-performance multiple-wire power and signal connectors.

    By ITT Interconnect Solutions 263

  • APD Series Connectors

    APD series covers a wide range of one- and two-way high-power, VDE-certified 4-way high voltage connectors, and up to 51-way high-density connectors.

    By ITT Interconnect Solutions 294

  • UCZ Dry Circuit Pressure Contacts

    Titanium copper alloy allows the user a beryllium-free contact verses a RoHS compliant connector that does not sacrifice electrical or mechanical performance.

    By ITT Interconnect Solutions 187

  • Universal SMT Contacts

    Manufactured as a single piece stamped product with incorporated pre-load and anti-lift features.

    By ITT Interconnect Solutions 238

  • QLC Zero Insertion Force (Quad Lock Connector) Ser

    QLC provides increased customer flexibility by providing full intermateability with competitive products.

    By ITT Interconnect Solutions 192

  • Micro-D Backshells - MDM Series

    ITT Cannon can design and manufacture a range of back fittings for their MDM connector products depending on the customer's requirements.

    By ITT Interconnect Solutions 175

  • Trident High Voltage (THV)

    ITT Interconnect Solutions’ Trident Connector System is a versatile range of connectors based on a standard contact design.

    By ITT Interconnect Solutions 222

  • MIL-DTL-38999 Series III Connectors

    Fully qualified under the MIL-C-39029 standards for contacts, MIL-I-81969 for application tools, and MIL-STD-1560 for insert arrangements from ITT Cannon.

    By ITT Interconnect Solutions 168

  • MKJ5 Trinity Triple Start Ratchet Series

    ITT Cannon's MKJ5 series offers a comprehensive variety of coupling mechanisms that are fully intermateable with other miniature equivalents.

    By ITT Interconnect Solutions 209

  • MDM Series High-Temp Micro-D Connectors

    ITT expands their MDM Micro-D family of connectors with their MDM series high-temp Micro-D connectors.

    By ITT Interconnect Solutions 157

  • Micro D-Subminiature Connectors

    ITT Cannon offers a full range of microminiature interconnect solutions for harsh environment applications.

    By ITT Interconnect Solutions 102

  • D-Subminiature Connector Series

    ITT Cannon‘s D-subminiature product line is engineered to perform in the harshest environments. Originally designed for aircraft radio systems, Cannon‘s D-subminiatures became the first multi-purp

    By ITT Interconnect Solutions 540

  • PL Series Push Pull Connectors

    ITT Cannon's PL series is for medical and industrial applications where miniaturized, lightweight, and durable connectors are critical to operating performance.

    By ITT Interconnect Solutions 179

  • CA Bayonet Connector Series

    ITT Cannon presents reverse bayonet connectors with exceptional shock and vibration resistance. ITT Cannon’s CA bayonet series is a proven, versatile high performance interconnect solution for cri

    By ITT Interconnect Solutions 167

  • KPT/KPSE Series Ruggedized Connectors

    Designed to meet stringent Mil-DTL-26482 Series I and VG95328 specifications for performance and intermateability, ITT Cannon's robust KPT and KPSE connectors are engineered for durability and

    By ITT Interconnect Solutions 178

  • CTC Series Connectors

    ITT Cannon's CTC series connectors are extremely simple to install and maintain and are ideal for a wide variety of applications.

    By ITT Interconnect Solutions 245

  • MKJ Series Mini Circular Connectors

    MKJ series receptacle come in many mounting options for both crimp and PCB contacts including in-line, jam nut, front mount, square flange mount, and flange mount.

    By ITT Interconnect Solutions 165