HEATEVM Evaluation Module

By Texas Instruments 209

HEATEVM Evaluation Module

Texas Instruments' H.E.A.T. evaluation module is a high-temperature signal conditioning and processor evaluation platform with a complete signal chain of components designed to withstand extreme operating temperatures up to +210°C. The H.E.A.T. EVM PCB is made with Polyimide material and is suited to withstand temperatures up to +235°C and includes high temperature rated passive components, and utilizes high temperature solder material which makes it well suited for operation in a +200°C operating environment. The H.E.A.T. EVM kit includes the H.E.A.T. board, a low temperature sensor board, cabling, and RS485 communications software. The EVM enables customers to develop applications that can operate in a high-temperature environment quickly with qualified components, risk-free without having to screen off-the-shelve devices for temperature ranges outside their datasheet specifications.

  • Up to eight channels of analog data
  • Analog signals conditioned, digitized and processed at temperature
  • Six channels dedicated for temperature, pressure, and accelerometers
  • Two general purpose channels (One fully differential and one single ended)
  • Operational in a +200°C oven for 200 hours
  • PCB dimensions: 15.6" x 1.1"
Components included on the EVM include:
  • ADS1278-HT: Octal Simultaneous Sampling 24-Bit 128 KSPS Analog-to-Digital Converter
  • SM470R1B1M-HT: ARM7 Microcontroller
  • OPA211-HT: Low-Noise Operational Amplifier
  • OPA2333-HT: Low Power Zero-Drift Series Operational Amplifier
  • INA333-HT: Zero Drift, Low Power, Single Supply Instrumentation Amplifier
  • THS4521-HT: Low-Power Fully Differential Amplifier
  • REF5025-HT: 2.5 V Precision Voltage Reference
  • SN65HVD233-HT: CAN Transceiver
  • SN65HVD11-HT: RS485 Transceiver