RCD-48 Constant Current Buck LED Driver

By RECOM Power 221

RCD-48 Constant Current Buck LED Driver

The LED Lighting industry is blossoming, especially as LED strings become longer and multi-chip arrays larger. With larger arrays and strings, the required input voltage for buck-drivers has increased, along with the amount of constant current that needs to be supplied. The problem is that most currently available models have a limit of approximately 40 V.

Not any longer with the introduction of RECOM Power's RCD-48 Series. The RCD-48 series is a step-down, constant current source designed for driving high power LED applications. With input voltage up to 60 VDC and constant current outputs of 350, 500, 700 and 1200 mA, the RCD-48 Series provides power up to 70 W. A fixture using the full wattage could possibly replace a conventional light that could have used up to 350 W. The buck-driver is ideal for operation with the longer LED chains and larger multi-chip arrays – a real technical achievement perfect for applications like 48 V bus lighting solutions or high voltage LED arrays (e.g. high bay lights).

The RCD-48-drivers are dimmable down to zero with external digital (PWM) or analogue control. The PWM control input can be directly connected to a microcontroller. Efficiency is rated at 96%, with an operating temperature range of -40°C to +85°C. The modules are available with pins for PCB mounting or with flying leads for non pcb applications. While the powerful 1200 mA version features a metal case, the smaller models are designed in plastic cases. All types are certified to the EN/UL-60950-1 standard. The MTBF is specified at MIL-HDBK217F with 1.7 million hours and a 5 year warranty.

  • 70 W buck LED driver
  • Constant current output (350 to 1200 mA)
  • Digital PWM and analogue voltage dimming
  • High efficiency to 96%
  • Metal or plastic case version
  • Through hole case or wired version
  • Five year warranty
  • EN-60950-1 (pending) and UL-60950-1 (pending)