70000 Series Toroidal Transformers

By Abracon Corporation 172

70000 Series Toroidal Transformers

Acme Electric/Amveco/Actown's state-of-the-art manufacturing processes have made the use of toroids cost effective across a broad spectrum of applications. Toroids are routinely replacing laminated frame types in the most demanding industry applications, including medical, telecommunications, instrumentation, test equipment, lighting and signs, process control, office and computer peripherals, audio and broadcast as well as many others.

The 70000 series offers the design engineer the same features as Amveco's non-encapsulated toroidal power transformers. These features include very low EMR (magnetic stray fields), quiet operation, low temperature rise, low profile, low no-load current, and very low no-load losses.

  • Small size
  • Low weight
  • Low stray magnetic field
  • Low mechanical hum
  • Low no-load losses
  • High efficiency
  • Flexible dimensions
  • Low operating temperature
  • Easy-to-mount
  • Primary voltage of 115 V or 230 V at 50 Hz/60 Hz
  • Safety standard certifications (for example, UL 506, UL 1950, VDE 0805, IEC 950, EN 60950)
  • UL recognized for insulation Class A (105°C). Meets all requirements of Class E (125°C)
  • UL and VDE certifications to +40°C (1.6 VA to 25 VA)
  • Hipot testing at 4000 V between primary and secondary (VDE 0550)
  • Maximum ambient temperature of +60°C for 1.6 VA to 25 VA, +40°C for 35 VA and 50 VA models