HHV Series Through-Hole Resistors

By Yageo 350

HHV Series Through-Hole Resistors

Yageo's HHV Series, high-voltage and high-ohmic resistors, are made of metal glaze film, with tinned connecting leads of electrolytic copper welded to the end of caps. The resistors are coated with layers of pink color lacquer.

  • Power dissipation: 1/4 W to 3 W
  • Resistance range: 100 KΩ to 68 MΩ
  • High working voltage, high overload voltage
  • Excellent pulse loading and anti-surge capability
  • Resistant to high temp and humidity
  • Approved to IEC-60065 safety requirements (VDE)
  • Power supplies
  • Industrial controls and automation
  • Home appliances
  • Lighting ballasts