High Voltage Power Operational Amplifiers

By Apex Microtechnology 109

High Voltage Power Operational Amplifiers

The PA340, PA341, and PA343 from Apex Microtechnology are high voltage monolithic MOSFET operational amplifiers that provide increased reliability while achieving performance features previously found only in hybrid designs.

Inputs are protected from excessive common mode and differential mode voltages. The safe operating area (SOA) has no second breakdown limitations. External compensation provides the user flexibility in choosing optimum gain and bandwidth for the application.

  • RoHS compliant
  • Monolithic MOS technology
  • Low cost
  • High voltage operation: 350 V
  • Low quiescent current typical: 2.2 mA
  • No second breakdown
  • High output current: 120 mA peak
  • Available in die form (CPA341)
  • Surface-mount package (PA343)
  • Telephone ring generator
  • Piezo electric positioning
  • Electrostatic transducer and deflection
  • Deformable mirror focusing (PA343)
  • 7-pin DDPAK surface-mount package (PA340CC)
  • Biochemistry stimulators (PA341)
  • Computer to vacuum tube interface (PA341)